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Published Oct 09, 21
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Tell them what you want and why. Popular websites receive pitches all the time. Why should they hire you? Explain it to them. These pointers and more (as well as email templates) can be found in our post, How to Write a Pitch That’ll Wow Editors & Clients. Read it, bookmark it, and reference it often.

Learn the Legal Side of Freelancing One of the big, scary unknowns when you’re working online is how to handle the “legal side” of things. Should you have contracts with your freelance clients? How do you send invoices? What about taxes? The legalities can seem so scary and daunting that many freelance writers choose to stick their heads in the sand and ignore them — or, worse, give up on their freelancing dreams rather than have to deal with any of it.

Chapter Two: 16 Hacks for Finding Under-the-Radar Writing Opportunities Anyone can find a job board and search for a freelance writing job. But that’s both a good and bad thing — anyone can do it. That awesome writing job you found online? The one you’d be perfect for? Fifty other “perfect” people found it too.

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If you look at “Top” tweets, as shown in the screenshot above, you’ll find brand-new freelance jobs mixed with older ones. Click “Latest” if you want to see recent tweets first - editing from home. When you find a tweet for a job that shows promise, click Twitter’s like/heart icon. That way you’ll be able to easily find your shortlisted tweets later.

Here’s how you do it: Here are a few more handles to get your Twitter list started: 3. Check Out Agency Job Postings Everyone likes to talk about job boards (which, again, we’ll discuss in a moment). But you know what resource most freelance writers ignore? Agencies. Per Jon: One of the best potential clients is agencies because they usually have an ongoing need for writers.

So how can you get work from agencies? Well, you could contact them directly and ask if they have any freelance work (Jon calls this a “gutsy but effective approach”). The other way is to keep checking their “career” page: The Content Marketing Institute maintains a detailed database of agencies.

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Most members of these groups are looking to be hired, not looking to hire writers. And when someone wanting to hire a writer does come along, the person who raises their hand first is usually the one who gets the job. That’s not to say Facebook Groups can’t lead to writing jobs that pay.

Think “masterminds”, “think tanks”, etc. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Such groups are usually private. So, what’s a writer to do? Skip the Facebook Groups. Go Straight to the Sources. One of the amazing things about technology is the way it allows us to connect and interact with people with whom we’d otherwise never have the opportunity.

I connected with Pamela Wilson via Twitter. For Jon Morrow, the man who would one day hire me at Smart Blogger, I got on his radar by becoming a student in one of his online courses. Want to write for a mover and shaker in your industry? Want to befriend an influencer who can open doors for you (the kind of doors that lead to paying jobs)? Make a connection.

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Give without asking or expecting anything in return - editing from home. That means following them on Twitter, sharing their content, and interacting with them. It means subscribing to their email list. And, yes, it may mean buying one of their products. Because here’s the thing: When you’re their student, an influencer is invested in your future.

You’re a walking, talking testimonial. So many — not all, but many — will do everything they can to help you succeed. And that includes pointing leads in your direction. 5. Pitch to Software Company Blogs More from Jon: You want to work with businesses that have money to spend on marketing.

After all, every article they publish tends to pay for itself (and then some) thanks to the traffic it brings to the website — traffic that often leads to sales of their product. As with agencies, you can either cold pitch the software companies (which sometimes works), or you can keep an eye out for open freelance positions: 6.

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You could ghostwrite blog posts, articles, scripts used on You, Tube channels, or even books sold on Amazon. People who pay for ghostwriters tend to have money (and connections). Oftentimes, these clients can refer you to others. If your primary goal is to build up a strong list of writing samples, ghostwriting isn’t for you.